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What You Can Do About Good College Argumentative Essay Topics Starting in the Next 7 Minutes

What You Can Do About Good College Argumentative Essay Topics Starting in the Next 7 Minutes You don't need to acquire super technical with legal argumentative essays, but be certain to do your homework on what the recent laws about your preferred topic actually say. Generally, the teachers or professors assign the topics by themselves. In this way, students prove they can gather and choose sources having the most quality details on the given topic. With proper main topics, they can reach good results. Good College Argumentative Essay Topics for Dummies By way of example, in college, you might be requested to compose a paper from the opposing perspective. The list of the greatest argumentative essay topics for college students contains nice and versatile tips that will boost your students and make them think. They should be grateful to their family for the opportunity to go to college. A college education is well worth the price tag. In the conclusive paragraph, along wi th a general review of the essay, you also have to present your perception on the subject and end will an appeal to additional research or action with relevance to the topic. If you must write your whole essay in 1 day, do your very best to give yourself breaks so you don't burn out. At some stage, you're likely to be requested to compose an argumentative essay. When it has to do with writing an argumentative essay, the most significant matter to do is to select a topic and an argument you could really get behind. These sorts of essays take a lot of in-depth research and a careful perusal of all of the perspectives or arguments for and against a specific stance. In this kind of situation, it's more convenient to discover ready-made essays and use them as an example. Argumentative essay is a type of academic paper that demands profound understanding of analyzed problem and a huge collection of personal opinions and facts. A superior argumentative essay is going to be based on established or new research in place of only on your ideas and feelings. Then take a look at a list of argumentative essay advice to help you begin. You may use several examples which can be found on the world wide web free of charge. There are many steps which you should take as a way to compose an exceptional essay. You may continue to keep your argumentative essays for your upcoming job portfolio in case they're highly graded. Here's What I Know About Good College Argumentative Essay Topics Preferably, it needs to be something that you're an expert in. If you're struggling, you always have the option to acquire help by utilizing an essay writing service such as ours. So, the best method to compose a wonderful persuasive essay is to discover a theme you're acquainted with and wish to share your experience with the reader. Bear in mind you could make funny argumentative essays if you do a few things. Up in Arms About Good College Argumentative Essay Topics? An argumentative essay is a certain kind of academic writing. Moreover, in-text citations will present your awareness of the various papers formats. Since you may see, there's a multitude of different argumentative paper titles you are able to utilize. Good College Argumentative Essay Topics at a Glance Examine the list to choose the topic which can help you compose a creative essay for your middle school class. Needless to say, it's so much better when a student is provided a freedom to decide on the subject of their essay. Canadian students need to deal with the exact same problem of selecting engaging argumentative essay topics as the remainder of the world. Since selecting a topic for your argumentative essay is the very first hurdle which you have to overcome, we've collected some suggestions and topics that you could have the ability to put to use for your assignment to impress your professors and secure superb grades! In choosing your topic, it's frequently a good idea to start with a subject which you already have some familiarity with. Since you can see, a number of the topics listed are new and handle the present issues happening in the World today. Quite frequently, the very best topic is one which you truly care about, but you also will need to get ready to research it. This article won't only show you just how to choose argumentative essay topics, but it is going to also teach you just how to compose the undertaking, also! Recent argumentative essay topics that are related to society is going to do. Among these argumentative essay topics, you will locate some straightforward but still great ideas. The top rated argumentat ive essay ideas are broken up into various categories. Argumentative essays are a few of the best that you can write as a student. Although you may know what format, style guide, and whether the essay needs to be double spaced, you might be confused on what actually produces a superior essay topic. Moral argumentative essay topics are a few of the simplest to get carried away with. Choosing topics for argumentative essays is crucial for your general success. Read the list and stay in mind that interesting topics are a proper way for an intriguing assignment. The reader needs to be impressed by how you defend your ideas. The shortage of fantastic support sources will end in a decrease grade. With the aid of our tips for writing and our interesting collection of topics, you're guaranteed to have a high grade!

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Self Concept Through Interpersonal Communication Essay

I chose the topic of self-concept through interpersonal communication because I had an interest in it. This interest is because I didnt understand that ones self-concept affected the way one is perceived by others. I learned self-concept through class discussions, but I wanted a better understanding of how communication affects ones self-concept and how it affects ones perception Ones self-concept affects ones perception, attitude and behavior, which can be demonstrated during the process of interpersonal communication. Aspects of ones life influence their self-concept, which not only affect how people perceive them but how they perceive themselves. Such things are gender, motivational level and psychological type. It is†¦show more content†¦If one has poor self-concept and sees oneself as unworthy then they will present themselves this way, which will result in a negative response from people. If one feels good about oneself, they will present themselves as worthy, which wi ll result in a more positive response from people. The perceptions, beliefs and attitudes that steam from self-concept, will affect ones social surroundings. One will either come out of a situation with a positive or negative concept of these surroundings. Poor communication can cause one to have a poor perception of oneself. Ones emotional state, dislikes, likes values and body image are affected by the opinions of others and can render one to have an inferior and insecure self-concept. How one communicates is also influenced by gender. Studies show that ones sex can place a person in a gender role expectation. Women and Men communicate differently and because sexual identity is defined through same sex parent or role model, women and men can get into gender role expectations. These expectations influence their perception attitudes and behavior that will result in a communication style. This early self-concept can effect each ones interpersonal relations. Women for instance are muc h-attached human beings they have very early identification with their mothers, and this can cause an on going pattern of role expectation. It can lead to interpersonalShow MoreRelatedSelf Concept Through Interpersonal Communication Essay1274 Words   |  6 Pages I chose the topic of self-concept through interpersonal communication because I had an interest in it. This interest is because I didn’t understand that one’s self-concept affected the way one is perceived by others. I learned self-concept through class discussions, but I wanted a better understanding of how communication affects one’s self-concept and how it affects one’s perception Ones self-concept affects ones perception, attitude and behavior, which can be demonstrated during the processRead MoreAnalysis Of Nell And The Wilderness Of North Carolina Essay1442 Words   |  6 PagesNell’s interpersonal communication skills and language abilities are seriously underdeveloped. The young woman soon finds herself in the middle of a power struggle; Dr. Jerome â€Å"Jerry† Lovell believes that Nell should be able to continue her simple life, while Dr. Paula Olsen wants to institutionalize and study Nell (Apted). Nell explores the development of many interpersonal communication concepts, specifically the concept of self, how perception is shaped, and the creation of interpersonal communicationRead MoreInterpersonal Relationships Analysis1607 Words   |  7 PagesInterpersonal Relationships Analysis This comprehensive analysis determines the concepts, components, and elements of interpersonal relationships. The concept of attraction foundations shows four different stages of attraction beginning with social and interpersonal communication skills forming a bond between two people. The social environment promotes building of interpersonal relationships for both the professional and private environments. The unique exchanges between interpersonal relationshipsRead MoreDear Sacramento Chinese Community Service Center,. I Have1409 Words   |  6 PagesDear Sacramento Chinese Community Service Center, I have been recently taking an interpersonal communication course and have discovered a great deal of information that I believe can be extremely beneficial to our agency’s communication effectiveness. I invite you all to think back to one of our previous meetings, do you recall any of the following? A lack of eye contact, a lack of enthusiasm, and frustrated looks on faces? How about an overall sense of discontent so much so that people are disengagedRead MoreCommunication : Understanding Interpersonal Communication1554 Words   |  7 PagesI. Introduction AND Thesis Statement Communication is the number one key in a relationship, especially when you re talking about marriage. I would like to take this moment to say congratulation on your recent marriage. I want to tell you that communication helps build a healthy personal foundation by implementing small talk in helping resolve conflicts through growth and helps reduce any barriers that prevent you from having a happy, successful marriage. Remember that no one is perfect at communicatingRead Moreletter of advice com 200 wk 51575 Words   |  7 Pagesto effectively communicate in your relationship. In taking an interpersonal communication course, I have learned several concepts that I would like to share with you throughout this letter. I feel that it is only right that I share information I have learned for the marriage you have ahead. I know that you are newly engaged, and this information will prove to be of use in your relationship. It is important that interpersonal communication become the building blocks between both parties. This will highlyRead MoreThe Principles Of Interpersonal Communication Essay1538 Words   |  7 Pageslooking for some advice on communication for your new journey together. I recently completed a class on interpersonal communication and learned a lot of different techniques that may be helpful. I would also like to share some of my own personal experiences as a communicator. Knowing your role as a communicator is important, whether you are the one sending or receiving them. It will also guide you through difficult times if either of you faces a conflict. Communication is a vital part of havingRead MoreReflection On Interpersonal Communication1724 Words   |  7 Pagesagain that the concepts we are learning can be applied to everyday life. For instance, when we talked about non-verbal communication, I realized that it is impossible to not communicate. There are many activities, other than the use of language, that allow us to draw meaning from som ething we observe. When my mother widens her eyes at me without stating a word, I understand she is telling me to think twice about the action I’m about to take. It has been great to be able to assign concepts and vocabularyRead MoreCommunication Is Necessary For Developing A Good Healthy Relationship Essay1255 Words   |  6 Pagesuse of interpersonal communication through means of verbal or nonverbal actions. I would like this opportunity to write you a heartfelt letter of guidance. Hopefully, my letter will help each of you become more active with your communication skills as you begin your new relationship journey together. Beginning a new relationship can be filled with excitement and with mixed feelings of uncertainty. Despite the unknown, communication is necessary for developing a good healthy relationship through effectiveRead MoreThe Theory Of Nursing Theory1463 Words   |  6 PagesBy definition theory is a proposal fostered to support a set of observations, a re cognized statement of tentative knowledge depicting how various thoughts and concepts are connected to each other (Merriam-Webster, 2015). During my undergraduate studies my exposure to nursing theory was limited to mostly to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, a non-nursing theory. During this assignment I will expand my knowledge on the topic of nursing theory by explaining the importance of nursing theory. I will explore

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Catalyst for Managerial Decisions Reducing

Question: Discuss about the Catalyst for Managerial Decisions Reducing. Answer: Introduction This study is based on the case study of Cocoa Ltd, which is department store. As per the case study, the company has performed well in the 2015 and expects to maintain the good performance rate in the next two years. However, as the economists have forecasted that during 2018 and 2019, the financial performance of the company will go down, the General Manager of the company asked the accountant Andrea to transfer some portions of the profits of 2016 and 2017 to the profits of 2018 and 2019. However, in order to manage the situation, the accountant decided to change the depreciation method without disclosing it in the financial statements. This situation has created ethical dilemma in the mind of the accountant. This study aims to help the accountant at Cocoa Ltd identifying proper solution so that the situation can be handled in a better way. The suggestions in the study will be given by considering AASB 116. Discussing and analyzing the ethics and governance at Cocoa Ltd As per the case study, the General Manager at Cocoa Ltd wants to make a balance between the profit levels of 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. The primary motive of the General Manager is to keep the shareholders happy over the years. However, the step that the General Manager of the company has asked the accountant to do is not justified because transferring the profit of one year to the profit of another year is not ethical and it indicates falsification of the financial position of the company. At the same time, the accountant Andrea does not want to lose the job and changed the depreciation method to make the General Manager happy. However, Andrea has not mentioned the same in the financial statements, which is unethical and illegal according to AASB and other accounting standards. In the case study, it has been identified that the accountant of the organization has changed the straight-line depreciation method to the sum of the years digits depreciation method. Panditharathna (2016) has stated that the sum of the years digits depreciation method is a better depreciation method than the straight line method. On the contrary, McConnell and Qi (2016) noted that in the sum of the years digits depreciation method, the profit of the organization is reduced artificially, which indicates the wrong disclosure of the financial position of the company. Moreover, the sum of the years digits depreciation method is not approved by AASB 116. As per AASB 116, the companies must identify the depreciation value by using the following formula: The sum of the years digits method of depreciation does not follow this formula. Therefore, it can be said that the accountant of Cocoa Ltd has not followed the AASB 116 properly. As the accountant has not mentioned anything about the changed method of depreciation in the notes of the financial statements, it can be said that the company has not followed the full disclosure rule mentioned by AASB (Yilmaz and Buyuklu 2016). Not disclosing the important information like, depreciation method to the stakeholders of the company indicates the unethical behavior. Though the accountant is aware of the unjustified accounting treatment, she wants to save her job and that has creased ethical dilemma. In order to save the job, the accountant has taken such an accounting step, which denotes that the company is not operating its financial activities ethically (McCahery, Sautner and Starks 2016). The unethical accounting step taken by the accountant of Cocoa Ltd can affect the interests of the shareholders of the company. As the company decided to reduce the profit level artificially by using the sum of the years digits method and the change in the depreciation method will not be disclosed the financial statements, the shareholders will be unaware of the actual financial position of the company (Kumar and Zattoni 2016). The shareholders will not be informed about the decreased financial strength of the company. This can lead the shareholders taking wrong decision regarding their investment in the company. This can create several big problems in the coming future (Ararat, Black and Yurtoglu 2016). If in future the shareholders get to know about the actual financial position of the company, then they will not be able to trust the company further. The company will lose huge number of investments as well as shareholders (Molla et al. 2016). The given case study situation is indicating that the corporate governance at Cocoa Ltd is not so strong that can handle the weak situation within the company. Chell et al. (2016) suggested that the corporate governance of a company must be strong and logical enough so that the management does not face any difficulties while handling any critical situation. The changed depreciation method and not disclosure of that in the financial statements clearly indicate that the corporate governance of Cocoa Ltd has not followed the rules and regulations under AASB (Chan et al. 2016). The changed depreciation method denotes that the properties, plant and equipments of the company have not been depreciated as per the regulation under AASB 116 (Aasb.gov.au 2017). This means the corporate governance of the company includes unjustified accounting policies. According to Weiss (2016), corporate governance is the back bone of a company. The success of a company depends on the appropriateness of the corporate governance policies of it. In support of this, Kelly et al. (2016) mentioned that if the corporate governance of a company is weak, then the risks of the company increase. Weak corporate governance creates unhealthy working culture within the company. Apart from that, the weak corporate governance may lead the company towards the huge loss and it may lead the company toward the business closure. In the words of Paull (2016), the weak corporate governance increases the internal complexity within the business and it may weaken the relationship between the management and the other stakeholders of the company. Wong, Wong and Jeter (2016) believed that the companies, which are operating their business in the market of Australia are bound to develop their corporate governance policies in accordance to the Australian Accounting Standard Board or AASB. However, if the particular case of Cocoa Ltd is considered then it can be said that the corporate governance policies of the company has ignored AASB. The company not only ignored the depreciation method suggested by AASB 116, but it has also ignored the full disclosure regulation, which is mandatory for every company. Suggestions to Andrea In the given situation, it can be found out that Andrea, who is the accountant at Cocoa Ltd, is in ethical dilemma regarding the accounting treatment in the company. In one hand, Andrea is aware of the unjustified order given by the General Manager of the company and on the other hand, the job is important to Andrea. In this type of situation, it is very difficult to take a decision that can meet the interests of General Manager of the company and can maintain the accounting rules and regulations (Steenkamp and Steenkamp 2016). In order to improve the financial situation of Cocoa Ltd, the best strategy is to concentrate on the revenue earning capacity of the company. In the case study, it has been identified that the economists have forecasted that during 2018 and 2019, the financial performance of the company will decline. In order to manage that situation, the General Manager has asked Andrea to transfer the profit of 2016 and 2017 to 2018 and 2019. However, these types of steps are unethical. Therefore, the management or the accountant of the company must try to make the current financial condition strong enough so that it can survive during the bad phase (Ararat, Black and Yurtoglu 2016). The accountant that is Andrea can propose the following strategies to the General Manager for the better handling of situation: Andrea can propose the sweep accounts strategy to the General Manager of the company. In this strategy, the company can sweep its extra funds to the interests-bearing accounts and can earn the money in terms of interests on those accounts. This step or accounting treatment is not illegal; rather it is very much applicable to the current situation at Cocoa Ltd (Yilmaz and Buyuklu 2016). In the case study, it can be identified that currently Cocoa Ltd is earning good amount of profit, which means the company has excess funds. Therefore, the company can easily transfer or sweep those funds and can create a source of income for the coming financial years. The accountant can also suggest the General Manager to implement strong cost accounting system so that the total costs of the company can be controlled. In order to control the total cost, Andrea can suggest the General Manager to implement the ABC or Activity Based Costing method. If this particular costing method is implemented, then the accountant can identify in which activity the cost is high and can necessary steps to control that cost (McCahery, Sautner and Starks 2016). If the costs of the company are controlled, then it is obvious that the profit of the company will increase. The company can keep this extra profit as the retained earnings of the company, which can be easily transfer from one year to another. Andrea can propose the General Manger to improve the liquidity position of the company by increasing the current assets base. Increase in current assets will help the accountant improving the financial position of the company and this will ultimately satisfy the shareholders of the company (Chan et al. 2016). This step is not only legal but it is also approved by AASB. Andrea can suggest the General Manager for following the AASB 116 for determining the valuation of its properties, plant and equipments. This is important because this will help the management understanding the current actual value of its assets (Kelly et al. 2016). Therefore, the management can understand whether they require improving the assets position or not. If the management takes proper steps before hand, then it can save the future of the company. The accountant can check the current assets base of the company and can eliminate the assets, which are unproductive to the company. As the economists have forecasted that in 2018 and 2019, the financial situation of the company will go down; it is obvious that some of its assets of will become unproductive during these financial years (Yilmaz and Buyuklu 2016). Therefore, it is the duty of the accountant to take proper care of the assets base of the company and eliminate the probable unproductive assets. Andrea can suggest the General Manager for improving and updating the pricing policies of the company. Improving the pricing policy, the management of Cocoa Ltd can improve the revenue of the company in future. If the company will be able to increase the total amount of revenue, then it will be able to increase the profitability of it (Molla et al. 2016). This means, the overall financial health of the company will be improved. The accountant can maintain the transparency level in the financial reporting. If the company follows proper transparency policies, then the trusts of the shareholders on the organization will increase and that will help the company attracting more shareholders or investors (Ararat, Black and Yurtoglu 2016). If the number of shareholders increase or the amount of investment increases, then it can improve its financial position in a better way. Therefore, from the above discussion, it can be said that there are several possible strategies available to the management of Cocoa Ltd that can solve the ethical dilemma of Andrea. Conclusion In this study, it has been identified that the current financial situation of Cocoa Ltd is good but the economists have forecasted that in the near future, the company may face financial downturn. In order to manage the situation the General Manager of the company asked the accountant to transfer the current profits to the future years. This has created a dilemma in the mind of the accountant. The study has identified that the corporate governance of the company is much weak. However, the accountant of the company can take many other steps to avoid the ethical dilemma. The steps are increasing current assets, following AASB 116, controlling cost and many other. Reference list: Aasb.gov.au. 2017. Australian Accounting Standards Board (AASB) - Home. [online] Available at: https://www.aasb.gov.au/ [Accessed 1 Jan. 2017]. Ararat, M., Black, B.S. and Yurtoglu, B.B., 2016. The effect of corporate governance on firm value and profitability: Time-series evidence from Turkey.Emerging Markets Review. Chan, K.C., Fung, A., Fung, H.G. and Yau, J., 2016. A citation analysis of business ethics research: a global perspective.Journal of Business Ethics, pp.1-17. Chell, E., Spence, L.J., Perrini, F. and Harris, J.D., 2016. Social entrepreneurship and business ethics: does social equal ethical?.Journal of Business Ethics,133(4), pp.619-625. Kelly, G., Delaney, D., Chai, G. and Mohamed, S., 2016. Optimising local council's return on investment from annual pavement rehabilitation budgets through targeting of the average pavement condition index.Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering (English Edition),3(5), pp.465-474. Kumar, P. and Zattoni, A., 2016. Corporate Governance, Board Gender Diversity and Firm Performance.Corporate Governance: An International Review,24(4), pp.388-389. McCahery, J.A., Sautner, Z. and Starks, L.T., 2016. Behind the scenes: The corporate governance preferences of institutional investors.The Journal of Finance. McConnell, J.J. and Qi, Q., 2016. Just Talk? CEO Succession Plan Disclosure, Corporate Governance and Firm Value. Molla, M.S., Miraz, M.H. and Habib, M.M., 2016. A CRITICAL REVIEW OF RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN CORPORATE GOVERNANCE AND FIRM PERFORMANCE: IN MALAYSIAN PERSPECTIVE. Panditharathna, K.M., 2016. Corporate Governance and Firm Performance. Paull, C., 2016. Alternative assets insights: Fixed assets-a case for further inspection.Taxation in Australia,51(6), p.325. Steenkamp, N. and Steenkamp, S., 2016. AASB138: Catalyst for managerial decisions reducing R D spending?.Journal of Financial Reporting and Accounting,14(1). Weiss, J.W., 2016. Business Ethics: A Stakeholder Issues Management Approach, 2014.Cyrus Chronicle Journal,1(1), pp.66-69. Wong, J., Wong, N. and Jeter, D.C., 2016. The Economics of Accounting for Property Leases.Accounting Horizons,30(2), pp.239-254. Yilmaz, C. and Buyuklu, A.H., 2016. Impacts of Corporate Governance on Firm Performance: Turkey Case with a Panel Data Analysis.Eurasian Journal of Economics and Finance,4(1), pp.56-72.

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Best Thoughts free essay sample

Page 1 45 Things To Do To Keep Your Relationship Alive In this eBook, the focus is YOUR intimate relationship the one that Is supposed to last to death. It is a huge part of your life, but It can easily be neglected. So many times In life we can be caught up In the everyday routine and put our relationship on the backbencher. While that doesnt seem to make a BIG difference at first In the relationship, tension can start to accumulate dally and before you know It you have a year or more of hurt and neglected feelings which can equal an unhealthy relationship, or a breakup.Therefore, your best bet Is to pay attention to your allegations every day. Do something big. Do something small. Do something! This eBook Is meant to be a guideline; a booster; a reminder. Its meant to be a collection of ideas to get your own juices flowing. We will write a custom essay sample on Best Thoughts or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page It has 45 ideas of how to add romance into your relationship, spice up your relationship, and just keep your relationship alive and well. My suggestion? Use one tip daily or every second day. The more effort you put into the relationship the better the relationship will be.You may not find that the tip is something you are really going to do for one day only; instead, you may find its meeting you want to apply to your relationship from this day forward. After a while, it will become a habit to do something for your relationship and you will find that you will automatically wake up with ideas on how to make your relationship better TODAY. So lets get started! Copyright http://hydrogenating. Com 2012 Page 2 Dally Inspiration for Your Relationship 1 . Create Meaningful Words That Only You Two understand We all love to hear our partner say I love you! As much as possible, but how about hearing our partner say You are the Jelly to my Jam!? Would that be as meaningful? It would be If Jelly and Jam was your favorite combination of tastes! Another example may be that you love surf and turf more than any other food; Therefore, your partner is your surf and turf. You two have shared inside moments together that mean something to only you two, so use those moments to create special words that you can use that nobody else in a million years would get, just like the jelly and jam. Not only will your partner feel good about the way you acknowledge them in a cute way, it one else has with you.Task: Take the time to reflect on what your partner really finds meaningful. What do they associate with good feelings and happiness? What makes them smile when they talk about it or get excite d when they see it? Now use that information to your advantage and really show them how much you care by making it part of how you show them what they mean to you. Page 3 2. Suggest Something to Do That Means Something Special To Your Partner If you know how your partner feels about things then you can use those things to convey how you feel about your partner. Every one of us associates words and memories with emotions.Good word and good memories correspond to good motions its as simple as that. Good emotions around or towards our partners can make us feel more attracted or connected to our partner, so if you are the one making your partner feel good then you can bet your partner will feel good towards you as well. If your partner associates the beach with the happiest moment of their life, and you suggest going to the beach, then they are going to feel good about you. Their happiness will instantly come to life when you mention the beach and that emotion will pass on to how they feel about you. See how that works?Task: What is special to your partner? What makes them giddy and excited and feel good? If they like watching a certain TV show then sugges t that you watch it. Even if its something as simple as going to bed and cuddling before your fall asleep may be enough to make your partner feel good about you. Just make sure its THEIR favorite thing and not yours. Page 4 3. Say Something to Your Partner That They REALLY Want To Hear There are many times in a relationship when we dont compliment or praise our partner when we should. We may avoid doing it because of our ego or pride, or we may avoid doing it because we are feeling selfish.Youve probably done this. Its when your partner is proud of something in their lives and is fishing for a positive statement from you but all you give them is a look, or worse you say something negative instead of positive. For example, maybe you went bowling and they bowled a good you tried to make them feel bad for winning. How does this help your relationship? It doesnt. When you withhold compliments or praise because of your ego or pride then you are missing an opportunity to really make your partner feel good about themselves and about you.You can only win from making your partner eel good. Task: The next time you see an opportunity today to make them feel good, take it, even if it means making them look better than you in some way. Dont pass by the opportunity to make them feel good and bring your relationship closer because of your pride or ego. Page 5 4. Create a Game of Pointing Out the Positives in the Other Person This doesnt have to follow some great thing that they did that deserves recognition. This is Just about them as a person and can be played at anytime of the day regardless of what is happening.You can sit down with your partner and take turns ailing each other what you think is good about them. Maybe they can play the guitar like a rocks, or maybe they can make you laugh no matter how down you are. Whatever their personal positives are tell them. Dont generalize by saying something like muff are funny. Make it more specific by saying muff always know how to make me laugh when you do that silly face. The more specific you are the more it will mean to your partner. Task: Sit down and play this game with your partner. You dont have to name a thousand things that you think are positive.And oh dont have to turn it into a competition about who can think of more positive things (hurt feelings are bound to come from that kind of competition when one person runs out of things to say. ) Just try and name 5 things about each other to start and you will receive the benefits from it. Page 6 5. Spend Time Pointing out Positives in the Relationship This is not about you or your partner but instead its about your relationship. This is putting the focus on the positives in the relationship. Pointing out what is working in the relationship is contrary to what we normally do which is point out the worst of he relationship.You may find that one day of this will not be enough and it may start done at least once a week. Not only will talking about why the relationship is good make you feel closer, but it will allow you to do more of the things that you find positive because you will realize the effect it has on your relationship. Task: Sit down and spend some time discussing the things you think are really great about your relationship. Make sure you fully listen when your partner is talking so that you can really see how the relationship affects them in a positive way and make sure that those positives stay around. GE 7 6. Talk about When You Met and Remember the Feelings That You Had During That Time Reflecting on the moments of when you met will not only feel good but it will also bring back those early feelings of lust, infatuation, and desire. Once you start to really discuss those early moments then you will experiences the feelings that you felt at that time and therefore you will start to feel the same way towards your partner as that time. Its true. After ten years of being with someone you can bring back some intense passion Just by recollecting on the past.It doesnt matter how many times oh do it either because those feelings will never change. Not unless you have a time machine to recreate a new feeling from the past. Those feelings are memories that are there for good and they are not going away! Task: Talk about the first time you saw each other and what you were thinking and felt at that time. Page 8 7. Talk about Your Life Together Since You Met In a committed relationship your life is deeply entangled. Most likely you spend at the very least 50% or more of your time together. Thats a huge chunk of your life!Reflecting on your time together will bring you closer by default. You will feel more like a team in life and you will be more aware of what your partner really does for you, and with you, in your life. Once you realize that you are a team you will start to act more like a team in life. One thing to focus on would be new things that youve experienced together like buying your first house or going on your first vacation to Mama. These are experiences in life that you have shared together and thats exciting. The bad moments that you have shared like a death or another loss thats okay too.The point is you are discussing your life together and the obstacles youve overcome or that Joy that youve shared. Page 9 8. Evaluate Your Week as a Couple and Improve I first read about this in Jack Canfield The Success Principles. He mentions how he asks his wife to rate him 1 out of 10 for the week and then give him reasons why she gave that answer. This is a great idea! Not only will you become more aware of how your actions and words affect your partner but you will add a new level of communication into your relationship that most couples dont have. Not many people can be honest about what they would like to change in their partner. And not many people can take the criticism that their partner gives them. If you can manage to do both on a level that doesnt involve anger and hurt then you will be on your way to an amazing relationship. Task: Sit down at bedtime and ask your partner for an honest rating on a scale of 1 to 10. Let him or her explain why they have given you this rating and listen completely. Then promise to work no those areas that bothered him or her so that you can receive a better score next time.Then switch roles. Remember keep your ego and pride out of it and Just focus on having a better relationship. This quinine can really help your relationship improve if you are honest and open. Page 10 9. Make the Most of Your Time Together Dont waste a minute today. When you are together be aware of that fact and cherish it. Live in the moment! So often we allow ourselves to get caught up with the TV or the computer and dont even notice our partner sitting next to us. This does nothing healthy for the relationship. When you are together make sure you laugh and enjoy your time.If something is bothering you then discuss it and get it out of the way so that you can really enjoy your time together. Task: Really focus on your partner when oh are together. Notice every movement, word, and action made by your partner and enjoy it. This will allow you to live in moment and really enjoy each others company. If you go to bed feeling good about your partner and the time spent Page 1 1 10. Create a Special Date Focused Only On Your Relationship High Points Remember the feeling you got about talking about when you first met, and reliving those feelings?This is going to recreate that same feeling or maybe even surpass it. Make a date together and plan to spend that time visiting places that meant something really good to your relationship. Task: If you have the time today then revisit some places that meant something to you like the place where you first kissed. If you dont have the time to go out then make a date to do it in the near future and instead focus on the places in your house together for today. Like the place where you first made love in the house or where you had some great moment of laughter and Joy. Age 12 1 1 . Remove Your Ego from the Relationship for the Day Im right. Its my way or the highway. But Id rather do this It should be done this way. Anything that you find yourself saying on a normal basis Stop for a day. If you ALWAYS want the dishes done a certain way and feel as though there is no other way to do it relax, take a breath, and let your partner do it their way for a day. Give up your power for a day and Just let it be. You will find that you will experience two things from doing this.First you will allow your partner to feel as though they are not wrong in the way they do things that they are equal in the relationship. Second you will find that you will feel a sense of letting go that comes from living outside of your ego. You will feel less stressed and anxious and more relaxed and in the moment. Task: Make today the day that you go with the flow. Dont get upset or anxious if things are not done your way (the right way) but instead allow yourself to see things form a new point of view (your partners point of view). Page 13 12. Write a Love Letter to Your Partner Words can say a lot.They mean something when they are said or written. The difference is that your partner can take those written words around with them forever and re-read them exactly as they are written. You will find that many older people still have a special note or picture that they still carry around with them after any years of being with someone. It means something special. Its something to look at. Plus writing how you feel is a lot different than saying how you feel. When you write you can be exact with what you are saying and correct any errors that you made.You dont have to say l didnt mean that! or Thats not how I meant it! . Task: Write out a lover letter saying why you are thankful for them today or what they mean to you or how grateful you are for last night. Whatever you write make sure it could potentially be something that they will carry around with them until they are older. Page 14 3. Write a Letter of Things You Want to Tell Your Partner But Can t Some things are hard to say. Many people have a hard time telling their partner that they love them, while others have a hard time telling them Just what is bothering them.Whatever it is it should be said. Task: Think of something that you SHOULD tell your partner, something good, and write it out to them. Page 15 14. Give Each other Pet Names and Use Them If you havent already done this then do it! Pet names are a special right for lovers! No one else can call you lover, bunny, sweetie, honey or anything else with the same meaning that they can. Plus, pet names remind you of the bond that you have when the name is said to you. They can lift you up and make you feel better after a long that feels comfortable to you.Once you have a pet name use it. Use it to address them whenever you can appreciate the bond that comes from it. Page 16 15. Remember That Your Words Can Hurt or Repair Always watch what you say to your partner. Your words have the power to hurt them deeply or repair their soul. You choose what you say and how you affect them. It can be easy to get caught up in your ego during a discussion or argument and say meeting you regret, but you may sometimes Just be in a bad mood and allow some hurtful words to come out.Or you may say something that you KNOW will hurt them in some way. Be aware of how you speak to your partner. If you think it may hurt them then and do them no good then dont say it, and if you need them to hear something then say it in the nicest way possible. Try to uplift your partner when they need it as well instead of turning back to whatever task you were doing. For instance, if they tell you that they are not feeling good during your favorite TV show then take a second to ask them why they not feeling good and let them know you care.

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A Time of Change In The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald

A Time of Change In The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald ' 'Suppose you met somebody just as careless as yourself.' 'I hope I neverwill,' she [Jordan] answered. 'I hate careless people. That's why I like you.' '(Fitzgerald, pg. 63) Jordan is explaining to Nick how she is able to drive badly aslong as everyone else drives carefully. This quote represents the writing technique offoreshadowing, which is being used in one of its finest form. Fitzgerald isforeshadowing to chapter seven where Daisy kills Myrtle Wilson because of her recklessdriving. Fitzgerald uses foreshadowing to strengthen the plot of his book. In chapternine, Nick begins to recall the past and relive his old memories. His must relieve hislingering thoughts of the past. During the chapter, Nick uses a flashback to tell aboutGatsby's funeral for the readers to know what happen the day Gatsby was shot. Flashbackin The Great Gatsby also helps to give the reader background information about theThe Great Gatsbycharacters. In The Great Gatsby, the structure of the novel is influenc ed byforeshadowing and flashback.Fitzgerald utilizes foreshadowing to the best of its ability to help organizethe novel. 'Luckily the clock took this moment to tilt dangerously at the pressure ofhis head, whereupon he turned and caught it with trembling fingers and set it back inplace. 'I'm sorry about the clock,' he said. 'It's an old clock,' I told himidiotically.' (Fitzgerald, pg. 92) This quote is the first use of foreshadowing whichis in chapter five. It pertains to all of the trouble Gatsby causes as he tries to winDaisy back. The past is represented by the clock and how Gatsby wants to repeat it withDaisy. (Eble, pg. 963) This quote foreshadows to the end of the novel when Nick is leftto tell the story of the dreamer whose dreams were corrupted.(Eble, pg. 963) 'they smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back intotheir money or their vast carelessness or whatever it was that kept them together, andlet other people clean up the mess they had made.' (Fitzgerald, pg. 188) In chaptersix, Fitzgerald focuses on the first moment of disillusionment which Gatsby has.(Magill, pg. 90) ' 'Can't repeat the past?' he cried incredulously. 'Why of course youcan!' ' (Fitzgerald, pg. 116) This quote is clearly foreshadowing almost the entirebook. It foreshadows Gatsby's attempts to woe Daisy for Tom and tries to make thingsthe way they were before he left for the army . It also alludes to the fact that hemust be rich and powerful to do that. Overall, it shows that he destroys himself tryingto get Daisy back from Tom Buchanan. In the beginning of chapter eight Fitzgeraldforeshadows the death of Gatsby. 'I couldn't sleep all night; a fog-horn was groaningincessantly on the Sound, and I tossed half sick between grotesque reality and savagefrightening dreams. I heard a taxi go up Gatsby's drive and immediately I jumped out ofbed and began to dress- I felt that I had something to tell him, something to warn himabout and morning would be too late.'(Fitzgerald, pg.1 54) This quote definitely foreshadows the death of Gatsby.Fitzgerald also foreshadows Wilson's involvement when his wife died. ' 'He murderedher.' 'It was an accident, George.' Wilson shook his head. His eyes narrowed and hismouth widened slightly with the ghost of superior 'Hm!' ' (Fitzgerald, pg. 166) Thisquote clearly tells the readers that George is not going to let the person who he thinkskilled his wife get away with it. Foreshadowing is sparingly displayed though out thenovel and especially in the last chapters.Flashback is used quite often in The Great Gatsby. Jordan begins to rememberwhen she met Gatsby with Daisy for the first time and how they were in love. 'OneOctober day in nineteen- seventeen.....The largest of the banners and the largest of thelawns belonged to Daisy Fay's house. She was just eighteen....His name was Jay Gatsbyand I didn't lay eyes on him again for over four years.' (Fitzgerald, pg. 80) As thereader can clearly see, Jordan begins to narrate about the first and last time that shesaw Gatsby with Daisy which was four years ago. In chapter eight, Nick flashes back tothe night of Myrtle's death and begins to tell the story of what went on after herdeath. 'Now I want to go back a little and tell what happened at the garage after weleft there the night before.' (Fitzgerald, pg. 163) Nick tells the reader about howWilson thought he had figured out who had killed his wife. Nick follows step by step ashe walks all the way to Tom Buchanan's. Nick then describes Wilson killing Gatsby inthe pool and then Wilson killing himself.In chapter nine, another flashback is told by Nick. Nick recalls the night ofGatsby's death, and the next day, when all the policemen were at Gatsby's house.'After two years I remember the rest of that day, and that night and the next day, onlyas an endless drill of police and photographers and newspaper men in and out of Gatsby'sfront door.' (Fitzgerald, pg.171) Nick then proceeds into another flashback where he istry ing to get people to come to Gatsby's funeral. During this flashback Nick finallymeets Gatsby's father, Mr. Gatz, who came to his son's funeral. 'Next morning I sentthe butler to New York with a letter to Wolfshiem which asked for information and urgedhim to come out on the next train. [for Gatsby's funeral]...When the butler brought backWolfshiem's answer I began to have a feeling of defiance.....The third day that atelegram signed Henry C. Gatz arrived from a town in Minnesota...It was Gatsby'sfather.' (Fitzgerald, pg. 175) In the last sentence of the novel the reader realizesthe story is being told as seen through the eyes of a Dutch sailor which transports thereader into the past. (Magill, pg. 91) 'Boats against the current, borne backceaselessly into the past.' (Fitzgerald, pg. 189)As one can see, the book came to life through the use of flashback andforeshadowing. These two main ingredients in this novel made it possible for the readerto be able to understand Gatsby the way Fi tzgerald does. It also helps one tounderstand Gatsby's relentless pursuit of the American dream. These two elements of thenovel were weaved into a great book that was read and adored by millions of readers andschool students.

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Ethical Dilemma Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Ethical Dilemma - Assignment Example Personally, I would feel very conflicted about telling Jose about Johnsons debt for work reasons, but I would also feel very conflicted about not telling him, since he is a close friend. The principle elements in this situation are Johnsons apparently poor credit, Franks relationship with Jose, and Franks employment. The stakeholders are Johnson, Jose, Frank, and also the Ford and Toyota dealership Frank works for. Johnson would obviously be harmed by having his private financial information shared, as he would not get the land he wants and maybe needs to buy. Jose, on the other hand, may be harmed if Frank does not tell him about Johnsons credit history, as he may lose out on money owed. Less obviously, the dealership Frank works for might lose credibility with its customers, or even get sued, if Frank shared confidential customer information. There are several alternatives. One would be to tell Jose about Johnsons credit history. However, this would likely be unethical, since how Frank learned that is confidential. Another would be to keep quiet, but this, while more ethical, would probably be unsatisfying, and Jose might get angry later. A good middle ground solution, which would still be ethical, would be to recommend Jose general advice on what steps are good to take when selling land to somebody. Frank might even recommend a neutral third party, who he knows will be fair to both parties, and will not have any conflicts of interest. This would allow him to still give good advice to his friend without violating the privacy rights of