Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Julius Caesar Comparsion :: essays research papers

Many of the problems that Julius Caesar faced during his rule are still problems that the world still faces today. In William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar the problems are clearly evident. The main problem is the inherit distrust in people of government that is caused by unstable governments.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  One relationship between the PRI in Mexico and the Government of J.C. is that the people might think that they are running the government but they actually are not. For example in Mexico the PRI appoints every political offices and nominations. The same event happened in J.C. Brutus did not like the way J.C. was ruling things and was afraid that he was going to take the crown. Brutus and some other friends planed a conspiracy and assassinated J.C. That ties in to Mexico’s dilemma because the people like having J.C. ruling but Brutus did not care about the people. That is happing in Mexico too the PRI is just looking out to help out them self’s they don’t care about the well fare of the people. One other relationship is that Brutus portrays the PRI in a way that the PRI does not care about the way the government is functioning now. Brutus will turn it upside down I a second to try and make it they way he want’s. When Brutus killed Caesar it disorganized the government until the war over and Mark Anthony took over. When a country has a civil war it creates a real vonerable time for the country, when Mark Anthony and Brutus split up the Roman Empire for a civil war it left Rome extremely defenseless. Any big county could reek havoc over Rome which just had there favorite leader assassinated by a trusted general with a lot of honor. The same event is happing right now in Mexico the peso is dropping every day and for the past twenty years the president has promising that they will stop being a third world country. As you can see having trust in a leader is vital to the well being of a county, do you think if the citizens knew that there president would not get them out o f being a third world county they would have chosen them. Of course not, but Mexico also has some other problems like corruption a lot of the political stuff that happens in Mexico is under the table.

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